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Abdominal Binders

The modern abdominal binder is a corset used not for fashion but for fulfilling some medical purpose. The most common application for abdominal binders is as a support after liposuction, abdominal surgery, hernia, post natal or C-section.

An abdominal binder is also used by people who have had an abdominoplasty, that is, a tummy tuck. It is an essential support for allowing the stomach to recover its shape. The binder prevents swelling and helps in blood circulation. It also helps in restoring memory to the muscles.

Proxima Abdominal Binder designs vary from simple wrap around to extended shorts type. Pure Cotton makes them cool, comfortable and non allergic in any climatic conditions.

All designs can be made as per the user's measurements. You don't have to think whether the patient has a flat, flabby or Bulging Abdomen.

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