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Air Bed

Patients who are immobile for long periods may develop pressure sores. These can be avoided by repeatedly moving the patient so that different parts of the skin are supporting the body weight. An alternative method is to use a pneumatic air mattress in which different segments of the mattress are repeatedly inflated and deflated to vary the positions where pressure is applied to the skin. There are two types of these, water-filled and air-filled types.

Our medical air mattresses are used in many nursing homes, hospitals, and the home health care market for decubitus ulcer treatment. It is our goal to help you select the correct medical air mattress for yourself or your loved one.

How does Air Bed Works ?

  • Countinuous change of pressure points promotes the adequate blood supply to vulnerable points.
  • The bouncy nature of air cells and tubes helps to disperse the shear forces.
  • Alternate inflation & deflation cycle keeps changing the pressure points.
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