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Garment Guide

All PROXIMA compression garments are composed of medical grade compression materials, are 100% latex-free and hypoallergenic, have outward facing seams to avoid any rubbing on the skin, and are double-skinned for maximum benefit and protection. Therefore, there are generally a number of product options that could be suitable for a range of purposes. We have highlighted a few variables to consider to tailor the compression garment to your needs.

General Features

The choice between similar garments often amounts to personal preference of fit or specific needs based on the procedure you are having or your particular body shape. For example, if you have just undergone a surgical procedure, you may find that a garment that has eye hook fastenings is easier to put on or take off than a garment without hooks that pulls on. Garments with the double set of eye hooks also allow extra adjustability within each size, as you can fasten the eye hooks tighter at some places and looser at others for ultimate precision of fit.

Tightness Of Fit

In general, the garment should fit snugly to offer the most benefit of compression. The use of compression garments post surgery is an effective way to reduce throbbing pain associated with healing; they should never cause pain. If your garment is not the correct size or suitable to your needs and therefore causes any pain, discontinue wearing the garment immediately.

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