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Liposuction Garments

Proxima Healthcare Solutions has manufactured post-surgical compression garments that are the ultimate in innovation and lead the cosmetic surgery industry. Our compression garments are designed for immediate and extended use following liposuction, gynaecomastia, breast surgeries, abdominoplasty, and many other cosmetic surgery procedures. Proxima compression garments include surgical bras, abdominal binders, compression girdles, breast bands, bodyshapers, men’s compression wear, and face wraps. From quality compression garments to outstanding customer service, Proxima aims to ‘Reflect Perfection’ through every aspect of our business.

These have been designed with the patient's needs. These are available in various design options and all are Custom-Made i.e. as per the measurements of the patient. The purpose is to offer the physiologically correct amount of compression with the maximum possible comfort.

The basic fabric being Pure Cotton, the garments are very comfortable. Horizontal & Vertical Stretch makes them fit snugly to the patients' body and also ensures that they twist, turn and stretch with the body.

For making the process of fitting convenient, many designs have Velcro closures. Zippers and other design variations are possible on special requests.

In Proxima Compression garments, Various Design Options are available for all parts of the body. These designs have been finalised keeping the medical application and the convenience of use in view. Always select a design which goes at least 8-10 cms. beyond the affected area.

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