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Quality Policy

At Proxima Healthcare, we believe that through modern medical technology, advanced material research and dedicated design innovation, PROXIMA has created some of the world’s best compression garments, stockings, silicon gel sheets, silicon insoles, L.S belts, abdominal corsets, lyposuction garments, body shapers and compression wraps to help people perform better.

Using the most accurate and scientifically proven graduation compression technology, PROXIMA has ensured each garment is designed to substantially improve bodily performance. PROXIMA manufactures the quality products by using a special knitted cotton fabric which has two way strectch and for a better patient compliance. The grade of compression garments is based on physician's suggession and patient's problem. At PROXIMA the garments can be readjusted to any change/variation of swelling or other problems over the body within specified period. This is called as Progressive Correction.

Through years of rigorous research of the world’s best performance materials, PROXIMA has integrated the latest advancements in cotton fabrics. With expertise from the medical and athletic performance industries, PROXIMA has selected the best materials to provide a fully functional compression garment without sacrificing either comfort or performance.

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