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Silicone Insoles / Heel Cups

These are made from true medical grade silicone with extraordinary shock absorption capacity. The special pressure dispersion points offer even distribution of weight and extra support under heel and forefoot which usually take most of the pressure. Additional arch support is also designed in the insoles.

Proxima Full Length Insoles are for everyone. No matter if you are involved in intense sports or just like to train at home. It is also beneficial for people with frequent heel and leg pain due to planter fascitis, calcaneal spur, etc. The silicone gel in insoles takes initial impact and relieves pressure being transferred to your body. There are also metatarsal dome for support to metatarsal heads. Plus ventilation holes help to keep feet dry for aeration and comfort.

Features And Benefits

  • The insoles have true medical grade silicone.
  • They have excellent shock and impact absorption capacity.
  • They are ideal for intense activities as well as everyday work.
  • The heel strike and forefoot cushioning provide better comfort.
  • Ventilation holes in sole keep feet dry.
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