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Why Compression ?

For many years, compression therapy has been used in the healing of injuries. Whether it be a sprained ankle, a venous ulcer, a varicose vein or oedema, compression has long been utilized as a means of speeding up healing. However, compression, as well as the method for applying compression, has evolved over the years to become an essential aspect to cosmetic surgery.

Surgeons are recognizing compression as an integral aspect to the healing process following cosmetic surgery. While there is an inadequate amount of experimental research regarding the use of compression garments post-operation, many surgeons, clinics, and hospitals are more frequently encouraging patients to purchase compression garments to wear directly following their surgeries in order to speed up the recovery process and reduce the risk of complications.

Key Features

Compression garments vary from surgery to surgery and are recommended to patients based on personal preference (both the patients’ and the surgeons’). In order to ensure a proper recovery, firm and consistent pressure is required throughout the entire garment It is essential the garment fits snugly around the body, yet not be too tight as to provide discomfort to the patient and have a negative impact on the recovery process. Size guides and measurements are provided for each garment to make certain the patient is purchasing the best fitting garment so the area can heal uniformly.

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